voodoo child

scarlet eyes, empty lustre
inky hair, in a cluster
wooden mistress, glassy master

woollen hearts, pins and arrows
baskets of forgotten sorrows
clocks chiming in tomorrows

echoing homes and their windy attics
kitchens filled with bread and matchsticks
children made of candlewicks

find them quickly, where it was cast –
this human hour will not last –
you’ve been found, now hold fast –





NaPoWriMo Day 4


the sound of neon

tangled hair and mismatched limbs
stumbling out of bed;
water hissing in the shower;
skin blue, eyes red.

whispered confessions on collarbones
these gentle acts of violence
cold feet on colder floors
rain, rattling windows in the silence

flickering streetlights, dancing shadows
cigarettes dying in bright plumes
breathless laughter, shivering hands
cheap wine; washed-away perfume

sharp blue lights, dark as misdirection
music felt in the bones
one pair of eyes, to keep from drowning
in a galaxy on unknowns

(part i)

NaPoWriMo Day 3.


evenings in spring

8 pm:
Late evenings in April
Feel like early afternoons in mid-December
The taste and the chill.
(I breathe and shiver)

Fall ends –

On my window –
– bright and clean in January and June –
The water stains glow.
(Streetlights blink to life a moment too soon)

A hush, but not quite, punctuates
The rustle of the leaves on
Those autumn expatriates –
They usher in the night breeze.

asdfasfasdfasdfasdfadfadfadfadfasdfaf– and like this, spring begins.

NaPoWriMo Day 2.

(Almost) 24

A world away from the old familiars
I feel like
asdfasdfasI am standing –                                                                on the precipice
asdfasdfadsfasdfasdfadfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf(of – !)

Hums the universe

I open my eyes                                                                             – and take a step forward.
A week ago the bird song began.
A fortnight later
asdfadfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf(decades ago)                                                       So did I.

NaPoWriMo Day 1.